Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fleur - Cynthia Harrold-Eagles

sub-title: Part Two of the Kirov Saga

I read the first part of this trilogy a while back and while I liked the history lesson on Russia, the characters weren't interesting.  I'd put off reading the second installment until I'd finished some other books and picked this up a few nights ago.

This is the story of Fleur Hamilton, an Englishwoman who falls for a Russian count and pines for him throughout the Crimean War period (1851-1856 for those, like me, who may be history challenged).  I learned more about Russia and the Russian temperament but I think the author is better when she sticks to her own culture (English).  Her heroine is a ninny and not believable, even in mid-1800's.  The characters are again too shallow and much writing is spent on describing the homes and clothing and uniforms of the period.

The Kirov trilogy was written after she'd done about 10 books of the Morland Dynasty, a series of hers I love and highly recommend and is now up to book 34.

I'll finish the third volume because I can't stand incompleteness!  The second novel is available on

Published: 1991  Read: July 2012  Genre: Historical fiction

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