Friday, October 12, 2012

A Lost Lady - Willa Cather

I'd enjoyed reading the classic by Cather, My Antonia, with one of my reading groups last year.  So when I saw this slim volume at a used bookstore I had to pick it up.  I was not disappointed.

The Lost Lady tells the story of Marian Forrester, wife of a pioneer of the West who unravels as the West migrates from a frontier to a capitalist market.  It's a gently told story from the point of view of a young man, Neil, who idolizes Mrs. Forrester and over time comes to see her all-to-human failings.  I liked the portrayal of the men who came West to create towns and businesses.  Like Neil, I was led to admire, then be disappointed in, Mrs. Forrester as the wife of one of these men.

Published: 1923  Read: October 2012   Genre: Fiction

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