Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Angry Conversations with God - Susan E Isaacs

Subtitle: A snarky but authentic spiritual memoir.

This is the autobiographical story of a woman's evolution of faith and belief in God.  The author is an actress and comedian and choses to "take God to couples counseling" to straighten out their relationship when she turns 40 because she sees it as the reason for all the problems in her life.  In the conversations played out in front of her therapist, a former pastor, she unveils her frustrations, anger and disappointment in how her life has taken place and blames God for her problems.  She comes to understand her own role in the relationship and her beliefs.  It's funny, but serious, and gave me thoughts to re-examine in my own life.

Some comments I bookmarked:

"Was it possible that Almighty God was limited not by himself but by his people?  By who was available to help?  It was a hard task to stand outside my life and see it from God's perspective."

[Susan]            "Forgiveness feels like I'm supposed to let the other person get away with it."
[Counselor]      "Forgiveness means you turn the burden of justice over to God.  Let him take it.  You can't                            mete out justice yourself."
[Susan]             "But if I let go, then the losses will finally be real."

The author was raised in a very Christian atmosphere but with parents in an unhappy relationship.  This peek inside her experience as a Christian in the world of Hollywood and the rest of the secular world is a different perspective for me.  I thought the writing style made her struggles to understand God more familiar and removed the lecturing, teaching presentation of similiar attempts at explanation.    I'd recommend it.

Published:  2009   Read:  November 2013   Genre: Auto-biography, memoir

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