Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mothering without a Map - Kathryn Black

This book is by an author who lost her mother in childhood after a long illness. She was raise by her grandmother, who seemed unable to forgive herself for losing her only daughter.  This left the author without a role model for motherhood.  She interviewed hundreds of women on their relationship with their mother and their experience of being a mother, to aid herself in raising her own children that she had in her 40s and help others be "the good mother you long to be even if you didn't have one yourself".

I appreciated the experiences of her interviewees and of the author but after a few chapters it was a lot of stories along the line of "I overcame a bad/missing/unknowing mother, and now I'm a better mother to my children"...basic mother bashing and those poorly mothered claiming their superiority in raising their own children.  I'd like to see a follow up in 20 years on "their" children.  I'm betting those kids will have plenty of complaints about their mothering too.

Published:  2005  Read: 2014  Genre: Non-fiction, self-help

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