Monday, April 7, 2014

The Caregivers - Nell Lake

Sub-title: A support group's sotries of slow loss, courage, and love

The title of this book grabbed me, as caregiving has been on my mind the past few years.  It was a different viewpoint on the struggles and realities of caring for elderly, disabled or impaired family members.  The book tells the story of a caregivers support group over the course of a few years.  The most striking take a way I had was the concept of an "ambiguous loss" - one where there is not a definitive end to losing a loved one for months and months.  Friends and family quckly adjust to the caregiver bearing the burden of the elder parent, spouse or child,  while the caregiver's life is a seemingly endless slide into greater loss, anger, frustration, sadness and most of all exhaustion.

The group leader used a phrase "automatic negative thinking" to identify the despairing attitude that can become a new norm for the caregiver.  The author quoted one professional as saying "the evaporation of a purpose is a sure sign that someone is at risk" when they were explaining the downward spiral of many elderly.  There was no tidy conclusion to this book.  Only a revealing, thought provolking glimpse of a future that may be there for many of us, both as receivers and givers.

Published: 2014  Read: March 2014  Genre: Nursing, caring for elderly

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