Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Scent of Pine - Lara Vapnyar

Sometimes I pick up books on the new release shelf at the library.   This one was short and a new author and a glowing book jacket write-up...and a disappointment.

It's the story of a 30 something Mom and wife disenchanted with her marriage who mets a similiarly estranged man at a conference and they go off to his cabin in the woods for a couple days.  The author's Russian-born so the story revolves around the Mom sharing the story of her stint as a camp counselor in the Siberian woods.  Yawn.  There's a twist at the end which isn't worth wading through the story and there's no resolution to the relationships.

Sometimes I just pick a stinker.

Published:  2014   Read: May 2014  Genre: Fiction

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