Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Last Time I Saw You - Elizabeth Berg

Another used book find and a short read for the airplane.  I enjoy this author.  She first caught my attention when I read "Talk Before Sleep [2006]" about friendships between women.

This is the story of going to one's 40th high school reunion. I had the experience of going to a 60th birthday party for my senior classmates and wanted to compare notes.  The characters are quirky and obsessed with the high school years.  Of course, only those who are so inclined would plot and plan and imagine all the things that could happen at a reunion.  I found the premise a bit ridiculous seeing has high school is more often a miserable memory for many and by this time, life should have taught us that there's no going back. But the characters plunge forward with their dreams of redeeming relationships and saying what was left unsaid.

It was funny in parts and honest about how we really haven't changed on the inside that much since those years.  A woman next to me on the plane, a school teacher on her way to a convention, commented on how she liked the author so when I finished I gave her the book.

Published: 2010  Read: July 2014  Genre: Fiction

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