Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Lifeboat - Charlotte Rogan

I enjoyed reading this intense, thought provoking book.  It's a first person account by a survivor of a ship sinking who is on trial for murdering one of the other survivors in the lifeboat.  She's a recently married young woman who thought her life was on its way to being perfect when she married a successful businessman and they were travelling back to his family in America when their ship sinks.

She's alternately shallow, conceited, compassionate, thoughtful, naive and cunning.  Your not sure which.  As she says "admirable traits are often exactly the same as negative ones, only expressed in a different way".

The story made me wonder, what I would do in her situation.  How my personality traits would be perceived by my fellow survivors and count for or against me when returning to the real world.    Recommended reading.

Published: 2012  Read: February 2015  Genre: fiction

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