Monday, January 11, 2016

The Heart Goes Last - Margaret Atwood

I liked Margaret Atwood's early books.  They were a mixture of real life and futuristic possibilities with a sense of foreboding (Handmaid's Tale, for example).  This book feels very familiar.

A couple who are living out of their car after the economy collapses joins a planned community where you are given a home for a month and then work in the prison as a prisoner for a month.  This looks better than trying to live in a car with unsavory characters attacking in the middle of the night so they agree to join.  Problem is, once in, never out.

People being human, the wife falls for a seductive lover and the husband retaliates with his own affair and then the management of the place gets involved and the couple wants out.

The problem with this book is it is so much a rehash of her earlier tales without the punch.  The ending just limps along without really generating any hard thought.

Not a good way to finish up the year; not recommended.

Published:  2015  Read: December 2015  Genre: Speculative Fiction

  • ISBN-13: 978-0385540353

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