Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hitler's Niece - Ron Hansen

I took this book on the plane and back to Salt Lake City, Utah where I attended a genealogical conference.  I was so worn out each evening I hardly read any of it at night and ended up finishing it when I returned home.

The book is based on the facts of the period and actual quotes and known activities of Hitler.  It tells the story of the relationship between him and his half-sister's daughter, Geli, or Angelica.  I found it difficult to read as the evil henchmen surrounding Hitler and the monster himself are described as weird, sad people with inflated egos and strange personal habits instead of the calculating leaders of the genocide of WWII.  I'd not known that his niece died in his home where they lived together, an apparent suicide that the author gives a different twist.  Not recommended.

Published:  1999  Read: February 2016  Genre: Historical Fiction

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