Saturday, April 9, 2016

An Absent Mind - Eric Rill

I'm always drawn to stories about aging, death and dying, just one of my many quirks.  This book tells the story of a family losing their father to Alzheimer's disease.  Saul, the father, reflects on his illness and each family member shares their perspective and experiences as he continues to decline.  It's a touching portrayl of the slow, inexorable path of this horrible disease.  The feelings and interactions of the family members with Saul and with each other are realistic.  The author shows us how the actions of a person can be interpreted in different ways, leading to misunderstandings and incorrect judgments.

It's a quick read on an all-to-common experience these days.

Published: 2015  Read: April 2016  Genre: Fiction

ISBN:  3 1740 08610 6352

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