Friday, August 26, 2016

Taft - Ann Patchett

I've gone back and forth on this author.  I've read several of her works (The Magician's Assistant, Bel Canto, Truth & Beauty).  This was written back in 1994 and is not one of her best.

A sister and brother come to New Orleans from Tennessee looking for work at a bar run by John Nickel, a former drummer whose girlfriend Mario has left him with their son in tow.  The girl, Faye Taft, barely 18, and brother, Carl, are trying to put their life together after their father died and their mother sinks into grief.  The story revolves around John's increasing involvement in their predicament while he deals with his own sadness of his son being away.

I didn't connect to any of the characters as the story jumped from one to another as John tells of their relationships with flashbacks to the children's life with their father and his to his early days with Marion and their son.

It was a sad, inevitable tail spin into near tragedy without much point.  Not recommended.

Published:  1994 Read:  August 2016   Genre: Fiction

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