Friday, April 27, 2012

Blindsided - Richard M Cohen

sub-title: Lifting a Life Above Illness

This is the autobiography of the author, who, at age 25, discovered he had multiple sclerosis and later in life also battled colon cancer.  He is a former CBS News producer and a journalist by training.  I found his explanation of coping with illness to be enlightening and thought-provoking.

(p. 40) Life, after all, is a meritocracy.  Happiness is earned, at least until serendipity steps in with that inevitable moment that proves the silly assumption untrue.

(p. 56) There are no secrets in a community that cares.

(p. 130) I was beginning to view myself as a diminished person and holding myself accountable.

(p. 171) The strength to get by, I realized, is understated and powerful.  We all do what we must as we try to make our lives work.  Work, it is.  Coping is quiet.

(p. 219) The final battle of illness is for the high ground of emotional health, to accept limitations and pursue the dream of a successful life.  My crusade is to make peace with myself.

I was surprised he makes no mention of spirituality but only describes his battle with his illness as something for him and his family and friends to wage.  I would recommend it for insight into daily life with a chronic illness.

Published: 2004   Read: April 2012   Genre: Biography

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