Thursday, December 20, 2012

Handle with Care - Jodie Picoult

I did not like this book.  I sort of knew I wouldn't like it about the first 50 pages in but it was a quick read and I wanted to see how the story unwound.  I'd read another of the author's books and realized pretty quick that her stories have a "formula"; main character with a condition (this time "brittle bones" disease; last read was Asperger's), parents who tell their side of the story and a snotty sibling for a different perspective.  I so disliked the mother in this book, a martyr claiming to do the best for her child while she destroys everything around her.  The story is a downer from the beginning and just gets more depressing as the trial for a wrongful birth approaches.  According to Wikipedia, 25 states allow wrongful birth lawsuits which claim negligence on the party of the medical professional in not letting the parents know their unborn child would be disabled.  Presumably, the parents would have aborted the child if they had known.  I reject the premise but then I guess having strong feelings about the issue is exactly what the book meant to do.  Tread carefully if you decide to read this one.

Published:  2009  Read: 12/2012  Genre: Fiction

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