Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Outermost House - Henry Beston

Subtitle: A year of life on the great beach of Cape Cod

I'd had this title on my TBR (To Be Read) list for some time and picked it up in a used bookstore several months ago.  It was written in 1928 and according to the jacket "is considered one of the classics of American nature writing".

The author spent an entire year by himself on the Atlantic Ocean side of the Cape Cod  "hook" of land in a cottage constructed near the beach.  The book reminisces on his observations of nature; tides, waves, marshes, ponds, beaches and the creatures there; birds, deer, fish, even insects.  The writing successfully painted a picture and put me in the experience of a wild, windswept and ocean pounded shore.  Although written 84 years ago, it was as contemporary as if it were written last year.  I doubt the same level of isolation could be accomplished as easily in this age of instant communication.

I've put Cape Cod National Seashore on my bucket list thanks to this book.

Published: 1928  Read: December 2012  Genre: Non-fiction, nature

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