Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rise and Shine - Anna Quindlen

I enjoy this author.  I enjoy how she writes, not too much, not too little, just right.  In this novel she tells the story of two sisters, one a mega-star network TV host, the other a social worker.  They are very close, having lost their parents when they were very young.  Their relationship is authentic to me and I smiled more than once at their back and forth conversations, just like sisters.  A quote I noted:

"And yet as I spoke, all I could think of was how much we lie to one another with all the best intentions, how nearly every conversation has somewhere within it, often throughout it like veins in marble, obfuscation or avoidance or the kind of shading that shave off the hard edges of the truth   Kindness and custom have turned us all into cowards."

The story of a big change in their lives (I won't give it away) unfolds over several months and wraps up a little too hastily for me in the last several pages.  The contrasts in their lives, the pictures painted of the New York life style both from the top and near the bottom are well done.  If your a fan, you'll enjoy this book.

Published: 2006  Read: January 2013  Genre: Fiction

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