Saturday, January 26, 2013

Water by the Inch - Herbert V Young

subtitle: Adventures of a pioneer family on an Arizona desert homestead

I picked up this gem at a book swap at one of my reading groups.  The author was born in Arizona in 1887 on his parent's homestead  near what is now Camelback and 107th Avenue in Phoenix.  It's a memoir of growing up in the desert, raising cattle and potatoes and getting into all sorts of scrapes and dangers that a mischievous boy could find.  He tells tales of day to day living; Sundays going out to see wildflowers, all the chores on a small ranch, the flora and fauna of the desert, learning values from pioneer parents.

It's hard to imagine people striking out for Arizona to homestead just from a sense of adventure and opportunities to be explored.  I was impressed that they were not seeking gold or running from hard times but made a choice to try to make a home in the Arizona territory.  Both parents were well educated and schooled their five children in respect for others and self-reliance.  I would have liked to have met the author.

Published: 1928  Read: January 2013  Genre: Memoir

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