Saturday, June 15, 2013

Maya's Notebook - Isabel Allende

I love this author.  I've read almost all her books and enjoy her storytelling.  This one is no exception.
This is the story of a young teen who loses her way after her grandfather who raised her, dies.  Her grandmother sends her away to the islands off of Chile to hide and recuperate.  The story is funny, tragic, horrifying, encouraging, honest and hopeful.  Told in the first person, the voice is fresh and frank.  Some quotes:

p. 176 - [on insomnia] " night...I get attacked by my lifelong enemies, sorrow, loss, humiliation, and guilt."

p. 181 "Happiness is slippery, it slithers away between your finger, but problems are something you can hold on to, they've got handles, they're rough and hard."

p. 319 " makes us good.  It doesn't matter who we love, nor does it matter whether our love is reciprocated or not or if the relationship lasts. Just the experience of loving is enough, that's what transforms us."

p.  406 "Intimacy needs time to mature.....It's a slow-growing plant."

p. 513 "An addiction to love won't ruin your health or your life...but you need to learn how to distinguish between the object of your love, and the excitement of having your heart opened."

p. 521 [on grief at losing someone] " was not a question of replacing her, but of trying to live without her.  That affection is inside you, Maya.  You can give it to others..and what's left over you can give to me."

A great read and another good book from a favorite author.

Published: 2013  Read: June 2013  Genre: Fiction

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