Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kitchen House - Karen Grissom

I read this book for one of my book clubs.  It is a story of an Irish orphan girl taken as an indentured servant into the house of a southern sea capitan.  She is adopted by the black servants and raised as a member of their family.  She never understands the difference between herself and them until she comes of age.  Her ignorance leads to tragedy.

The story is told from the girl, Lavinia's perspective and one of her "sisters", Belle.  It was a very quick read and the author made the story interesting enough to keep me reading by foreshadowing the doom early on.  I thought the ending was too tidy and ended up not liking the main characters for their continued misunderstanding and lack of willingness to reveal the truth.  It would have been interesting to have the perspective of one of the male characters.

Published: 2010  Read: January 2014  Genre: Fiction

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