Friday, March 7, 2014

Left - Tamar Ossowski

I can't resist a tempting book jacket or an intriguing title, so I picked this up from the "New" shelf at the library when it caught my eye and the flyleaf write-up cinched it; home it came.  I read it in a couple of nights.

Two sisters, about 6 and 11, are hustled from home by their mother and the younger one is dumped off at a stranger's home, a long ago friend of their mothers.  The story is told from the girls and then the Mother's perspective, as the two sisters attempt to understand their separation and reunite. Terese, the Mom, was abandoned by her father and is raising her two girls without one.  Her best friend, Leah, has been betrayed and hurt by men.  Their struggles to survive abuse, heartbreak and still be able to love and try to do the best for the children is told through detailed character portrayals.  The story is not as strong and the male characters are mere backdrops.  The younger girl is "special" but her condition is never labelled specifically in the story, a detail that adds to the tale.  A good read, nonetheless.

Published: 2013   Read: March 2014   Genre: Fiction

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