Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty

Oh, this was delicious!  A wife finds an envelope that says "If you are reading this, I have died" from her husband - but he hasn't died yet.  As she wrestles with opening it, another woman is told her husband loves someone else and yet another mourns her daughter.  Their stories intertwine in unexpected ways.  The author does a wonderful job of switching between characters without making it seem like she wrote three stories and crammed them together.  It's about guilt and grief and heartbreak and forgiveness and the difficulty of relationships.  Most of all its about the impact of secrets and whether we really know the people we think we know.

Some passages I liked:

[Rachel reacting to the condolences from a young priest] "Oh, you sweet, innocent young man, you know nothing about blame.  You have no idea of what your parishioners are capable.  Do you think any of us really confess our real sins to you? Our terrible sins?"

"Falling in love was easy.  Anyone could fall.  It was holding on that was tricky."

"Marriage was a form of insanity; love hovering permanently on the edge of aggravation."

Read this one, it's well written, a good story and some thoughts to ponder.

Published: 2013  Read: August 2014  Genre: Fiction

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