Sunday, October 5, 2014

Practical Magic - Alice Hoffman

This was a strange little story.  It tells the tale of the Owens family, a group of females with powers that affect love and life in strange ways.  Two sisters come to live with their two spinster aunts when their parents die.  The aunts allow them to live practically unsupervised as they assist their neighbors with their problems with love.  The girls have their own relationship problems but their abiding love for each other sustains them through life.

Some quotes:
"The aunts tried to encourage her (Sally) not to be so good.  Goodness, in their opinion, was not a virtue but merely spinelessness and fear disguised as humility."

"It doesn't matter what people tell you.  It doesn't matter what they might say.  Sometimes you have to leave home.  Sometimes, running away means your running in the right direction."

"...when people ask her what the secret of a happy marriage is...She knows now that when you don't lose yourself in the bargain, you find you have double the love you started with..."

I wouldn't recommend this book as its dis-jointed and doesn't succeed at creating the atmosphere I think the author was aiming for.

Published:  1995   Read: September 2014   Genre: Fiction

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