Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bipolar Disorder - A Guide for Patients and Families

Bipolar disease has affected people I'm close to and its a confusing, disheartening condition.  This book is the latest (3rd) edition to discuss the ongoing studies being done by John Hopkins University. I found it encouraging and easy to read and understand and recommend it to anyone wanting to have a greater knowledge of the subject.

The diagnosis and symptoms are presented clearly and helpfully and explain how difficult it can be to get a clear diagnosis that is followed by the appropriate treatment.   The explanation of the drugs used in treatment, their interactions and side effects are understandable, clear, and complete.    The importance of appropriate, patient specific medication combined with essential counseling therapy really helped me understand the benefits.  There is a chapter on dealing with bipolar and other physical conditions and different life situations.  The best part I felt is the advice for families and patients for dealing with the day to day frustrations and challenges in the chapters on getting and staying well.  This is a complex condition and the ongoing research in genetics is offering promise in providing more specific treatment and greater understanding.

Published: 2014  Read: May 2015  Genre: Science (Medical)

ISBN: 9 781421412061

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