Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mrs Grant and Madame Jule - Jennifer Chiaverini

I picked this up in the libarary as a new read without renewal, which I thought would mean a good book that many want to borrow.  Not the case in my opinion.  It's impossible to tell fact from fiction since the author gives little explanation of the research she did for the book. Grant is lauded as a great and good man and he and Julia having a wonderful love story.  The slave girl's story appears to be entirely fiction, based only on the fact that Mrs Grant did have a slave maid throughout the Civil War.

It was easy to read and did provide some facts on the battles of the Civil War and their chronology.  But it appears the author read a few stories and embarked on the book she wanted to write with little concern over distinguishing facts from fiction.  Not recommended.

Published: 2015  Read: July 2015  Genre: Historical Fiction

ISBN: 0525954295

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