Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Traditional Food From Wales - Bobby Freeman

I've been researching my Welsh heritage of late, joining the local Arizona Welsh Society and ordered this cookbook recommended in a Wales facebook page.  It's more than a cookbook.  It's a history of Welsh cooking with a good dose of history and lore.  I enjoyed reading the recipes and the stories.

I wish I could sit down with my two great-grandmothers (Kathleen Jones Chapin and Harriett Davis Bossert) and discuss Wales, the Welsh people and cooking.

Some quotes I noted:

"...the traditional dishes were passed orally from mother to daughter, and since the Welsh have good memories for the spoken word, it would be seldom necessary to write the recipes and methods down."

Matti Thomas published a collection of very old Welsh recipes, 1928

"Although people everywhere in early times relied upon herbal medicine, in Wales there was a special reliance based on the herbal learning of  the Meeedgon Myddfai  - the Physicians of Myddfai, virtually unknown outside Wales but greatly respected within the Principality.  Myddfai is a small villae near Llangadog in Dyfed. The physicians wrote the Red Book of Myddfai."

[Welsh style] " ..tea will always be served in pretty, flowered china cups with gold about their rims; and with the tea will come...freshly-baked cake and scones with home-made rhubarb or gooseberry jam.  ...the Sunday rice pudding is still a feature."

Sounds yummy right?  I'm going to try out the recipe for the pudding.

Published:  1997   Read: August 2015  Genre: Cookbook

ISBN 0 7818 0527 9

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