Monday, May 8, 2017

Hellhound on his Trail - Hampton Sides

Sub-title: The stalking of Martin Luther King Jr and the international hunt for his assassin

I'm hitting a string of good reads lately.  This book is the story of the assassin of Martin Luther King. James Earl Ray plotted and pursued King and set off a massive manhunt afterwords.  The book had me experiencing King's murder as an adult, as I had only bits and pieces of memory from childhood. The turmoil of the time as activists marched and protested for civil rights brought into sharp relief the challenge of making change in society.

The lack of sophisticated crime investigation technology made me realize how far we've come and how tried and true methods were still effective.  There's a hint that the FBI at that time had many more technical and communication resources then I'd thought were available in the 60's.

Hampton Sides is a favorite author and this book did not disappoint.

Published: 2010  Read: April 2017  Genre: Biography

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