Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Blood of Flowers - Anita Amirrezvani

Set in 17th century Iran, this is the story of a young country girl making her way in the city through her skill in weaving carpets.  Along the way we learn of life in the 1600's under the rule of the Shah; the food, the households, men and women, family and fairy tales.  The book is historical fiction, using a fictional character to illuminate the reality of the past.

I enjoyed this book and got wrapped up in the story, wondering how the heroine's life would turn out.  The tidbits of every day life I contrasted in my mind with what I have read of Western Europe history of the same period.  The importance of carpets and carpet making comes alive:

p. 359  "..a carpet directs us to the magnificence of the infinite, veiled, yet ever near, closer than the pulse of the jugular. ..."In each pattern lay the work of the Weaver of the World, complete and whole; and in each know of daily existence lay mine."

In today's world when we speak of Iran as a place of war and extremist, the story provides a sorely needed contrast to modern times and a perspective on a country I know so little about.

Published: 2007    Read: May 2012    Genre: Historical fiction

Not on half.com - email me if you'd like my copy.

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