Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Get up and Get Out - John Tartaglia

sub-title: The Geezer's Guide to Living Your Dreams on the Road

I love to travel.  As a kid, we went camping several times and crisscrossed the country by car to visit family.  As an adult I traveled mostly by plane, logging many miles visiting five continents, many countries and cities.
Since getting married, we've traveled across the country to visit grand kids and explore our national parks. We spent a summer in Northern California in an RV.  We don't travel as often as I'd like so I read blogs and books about the RV life style as a poor substitute.  I'd read of this book on a blog and ordered it through Amazon.  It's cute and covers the basics and a couple of topics I enjoyed - making art on the road and doing nothing, both things I'm not very good at!  Not great literature, but fun!

Published: 2006  Read: May 2012  Genre: Travel non-fiction link

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