Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Story of Howe Caverns - Virgil H Clymer, ed.

I think I picked this slim hardback volume up in a used bookstore somewhere.  I'd heard stories of how my great-uncle Ted helped build some of the paths and visitor areas within the Cave.  His daughter still lives in the area.  With that connection in mind, I'd picked up the book.

Written in 1949, the book tells the story of the surrounding country, the finding of the cave and perspectives from an engineer, electrician, geologist, paleontologist and biologist.  It describes the tour through the cave that included a boat ride on the underground river that helped carve the cave.

I hope to visit the Cave and compare the descriptions from the book to the way it is today, 63 years later.

Published: 1949  Read: May 2012  Genre: Travel non-fiction

(I plan to give this to my cousin who lives near the cave)

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