Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Traveling Mercies - Anne Lamott

I had heard of this author in passing and was given this book to read from a friend.  It's a memoir of growing in faith, surviving bad choices and loving every day of life.  The author writes about her growing up in California with a writer-father and lawyer-mother who were at odds with each other a lot of the time.  She has a quirky sense of humor and consults with God on her situation, thoughts and feelings just about every moment of the day.  Some quotes I marked:

[About priorities] "How much longer am I going to think about my hair more often than about things in the world that matter?"

[About her friend Nina, I liked this because "Howard" was my last name] "She loves God in the guise of kindness and nature, although she calls God "Howard," as in "Our Father, who are in heaven, Howard be thy name".

[When stuck in traffic] "I do believe that God is with us even when we're at our craziest and that this goodness guides, provides, protects, even in traffic."

She's an imperfect person in an imperfect world, surviving on faith in God and sharing love with others.
I will be seeking out her other books.

Published: 1999  Read: March 2013  Genre: Memoir

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