Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quinn - Iris Johansen

This is the second book in a trilogy about a forensic artist who's daughter disappeared.  The first book told about Eve, the artist and her husband, John Quinn, a former special forces type guy and her friend, Catherine, CIA agent.  We all have friends and relatives like that don't we?

Anyway, this book is about John and fills in on his life and relationship with Eve.  All three are still chasing bad guys with implausible timing and deductive reasoning.  No matter.  This time the dialogue is better and there's a bit more story in between.  I finished it up in a couple days in the desert at night while camping, much better than TV or chores and a pleasant escape for a few hours!  On to the third (and final) volume next month.

Published: 2011  Read: March 2013  Genre: Mystery

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