Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Weird Sisters - Eleanor Brown

Oh, this was a fun book!  I ran out of reading material on a trip home from North Carolina a couple of weeks ago and picked this up in the airport, seeing as I'm the oldest of four sisters, I figured I'd relate.  It was a good read.  Three sisters return home, each with their own issues.  Their father is a Shakespeare scholar and the book is peppered with quotes that fit the story.  They are all avid readers in their 30's who have difficulty communicating with each other face to face and sharing their life struggles.  I really enjoyed the way the author weaves in the Shakespeare references (the girls' names are Rosalind (Rose), Bianca (Bean) and Cordelia (Cordy)).   A great distraction for a plane ride home next to the bathroom with a baby and a 4 year old and their mother in the seats beside me!

Published: 2011  Read: April 2013  Genre: Fiction

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