Friday, July 19, 2013

Incantation - Alice Hoffman

I picked this up in trade while on vacation because I've read other books by the author and it was a short book, easy to read while traveling.  The story is set in Spain during the 1500's.after the expulsion of the Jews.  Those remaining were forced to convert to Christianity or pretended to do so.  Estrella, the young girl telling the story, finds out her true identity and the meaning of friendship and trust with tragic consequences.

It was told in a dreamy, child's voice, moving from carefree innocence to awareness of the situation in her village and family.  As so often when snippets of history are used as the setting for a story, I found myself exploring the setting and the record of this dark time in Spain's past.

Published: 2006  Read: July 2013  Genre: Fiction

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