Friday, July 19, 2013

Little Bee - Chris Cleave

This is a much celebrated story of a Nigerian teen and an English woman's intertwined lives.  It's told in two voices, switching back and forth, slowly revealing their relationship.  It was a times horrific and sad and the humor I felt was overshadowed by the painful experiences shared.  I came to dislike the English woman because she was unable to step out of her life and really understand the girl's predicament. As other reader's noted, she and her husband were "morally flawed".

I finished this book while driving across county on vacation so I didn't mark any passages to share.  Little Bee (the girl) struck me in one passage where she noted that in our world we watch horror movies to be scared because we feel relatively safe while in hers their real life was horrible and frightening.

It is a powerful story and I would even consider reading it again as it is well written and moving.

Published:  2008  Read: July 2013  Genre: Fiction

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