Monday, July 22, 2013

Peder Victorious - O.E. Rolvaag

This book is the sequel to Giants in the Earth, the classic tale of Norwegian immigrants to the Dakota's in the 1800's.  In this volume, Peder, son of Beret and Per Hansa, is coming of age as a first generation American.  His struggles with his mother to identify himself as American first, Norwegian second form the core of the story.  Beret is again very prominent, her fear of the American ways and losing her children an ever present challenge.

I've read stories of first generation Chinese, Japanese and others to America.  This one, written while many of their parents were still living, is authentic and heartbreaking.  The author continues to describe the great prairie scenery that paint a vivid picture of the great expanses of grassland and sky.  The importance of the religious community to early settlers is brought out in this story as well.

I would highly recommend the first volume for anyone interested in the history and people of this time.

Published:  1929  Read: July 2013   Genre: historical fiction

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