Saturday, September 13, 2014

Housekeeping - Marilynne Robinson

I was looking for some audio books and picked this up at the library because it indicated the author was a Pulitzer Prize winner.  It's the story of two sisters who are left in the care of their grandmother, then two maiden great aunts, and finally a younger aunt.  Their lives are full of tragedy; their grandfather is killed in a train accident, their mother drives off a bridge, their grandmother dies, their young aunt, Sylvie, is a life long hobo who can't provide for them in an anchored life.

The reader really spoiled this story.  She was an actress who had the annoying habit of raising her voice at the end of sentences, the lilting, sing song style of reading nursery rhymes.  Boring, boring, boring.  If I hadn't been determined to "listen" to a book, I wouldn't have finished it.

Published: 1980 Read: September 2014 (audio)  Genre: Fiction

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