Friday, September 26, 2014

The Sixth Wife - Jean Plaidy

I picked this up at Goodwill for a camping trip to Mt. Lemmon, in Tucson, Arizona.  It's a historical fiction account of the 6th wife of Henry VIII.  I enjoyed the writing style as the author made her characters come alive while intertwining the facts of history.  I found out after finishing that this is a pen name of Eleanor Hibbert also known as Victoria Holt.  She was a prolific author and there are many others written by her that cover English history.

Katherine Parr was twice widowed when she caught the eye of the bad tempered, egotistical King of England in 1543 and became his sixth and last wife.  I was struck by the persistence over the centuries of women submitting to men, being married against their will for political or financial gains and the ridiculous emphasis on having children, and as many as possible.  This queen failed to provide more heirs and was possibly in line to be murdered, but the Henry VIII died first.  She was stepmother to his successors, Edward, and the mighty Queen Elizabeth I.   A good read and a different slant on tracking genealogy!

Published: 1953  Read: September 2014  Genre: Historical fiction

ISBN: 0-609-81026-X


  1. I love older books like the one you mentioned here. I find some treasures at library sales.

    1. Aren't they great? I like to read older books, some have staying power and others seem quaint and out of date


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