Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 in Review

It's that time of year when I put together my reads for the year and send a list out to my reading buddies.  I keep a list in Excel as well as on the blog; I have tracked the books I've read since about 1999!  This year I captured old 3 x 5 cards from before 2003 into my master list.  I also use a program on my iPhone called SplashShopper to keep track of the books I've read (over 1,000 on that list) and to keep a list of my "TBRs" - to be reads.

The last couple of years I've also begun not finishing books I don't think are worth finishing.  This is a big departure for me, but life is too short to suffer through unenjoyable reading; unlike exercise, it doesn't make me any better!

The stats for this year are:

total reads recorded:  72
  by category:

  •     memoir - 9
  •     non-fiction - 10
  •     fiction - 38
  •     historical fiction - 4
  •    other - 11 (I think that adds up)
It wasn't a great year, I didn't have a lot of favorites, I think I'm getting pickier.  The 5 runner-ups  were:

I plan to concentrate on books on my TBR although I have four or five at my bedside and only one was from my list (sigh).  I want to walk more in 2015 so I will be adding more audio books to the list too.  

A thank you to my Mom who gave me my love of reading, scolded me when I didn't answer when I had my nose in a book and always loved a good story.

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