Sunday, December 14, 2014

You Suck - Christopher Moore

Subtitle: A Love Story

Christopher Moore is a strange humor writer who comes up with some of the most odd ball ideas for his fiction.  This past summer I read his book about a sea monster terrorizing a small town and before that the auto-biography of Jesus by his best friend, Biff.  So I knew I was in for some more weird stuff with another of his books.

In this story a nineteen, gawky love struck guy is turned into a vampire by his big-hearted, older girlfriend.  They spend the first part of the book bickering and figuring out how to find a place to be during the day (you can't really call it sleep) and some one to care for them and run errands.  They con a goth teen girl who's awed by their immortality into hunting for an apartment and keeping them safe from vengeful enemies.

It's a quick beach read sort of book that brought on a few laughs and surprises and I appreciate his clever sense of humor.

Published: 2008  Read:  December 2014   Genre: fiction

ISBN: 978-0-06-059030-7

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