Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nothing to Declare - Mary Morris

Subtitle: Memoirs of a woman traveling alone

This was a paperback I picked up at Half-Priced Books when I traded in some other my DH and I had finished.  it was published in 1988 so its a bit dated.  The author travelled through Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras though in actuality she spent the majority of the story in a little town in Mexico called San Miguel de Allende.  She talks of the urge to move on and weaves her memories of growing up and her dreams into a recounting of her travels.  It's a bit spacey and a lot of "and then I did this..." writing but I might seek out one of her newer novels.

Published:  1988  Read: January 2015  Genre: Non-fiction, travel

ISBN: 0-312-19941-4

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